i WUP_architektur - Gemeindebau Aspern H4

Gemeindebau Aspern H4

location: 1220, Vienna Map Pin
built: in construction
units: 75

building contractor: GESIBA
landscape planning: rajek barosch

2-staged planning competition
The 75 community apartments are located in the west of the site H4 at the Seebogen quarter of Seestadt Aspern.
The construction site H4, which spans between Sonnenallee in the east and Südpark in the west, as well can score with sitting right next to the subway, has an attractive initial position for the future residents. The west part of the site is going to be developed with an innovative concept for the community apartments NEW. The rest of the site will be planned by königlarch architects and is going to offer diverse usage. In addition to the community apartments there will be further social apartments of the housing initiative, as well as other usage: kindergarten, office and venue spaces, event room and a multi-storey car park.

The community building NEW at Seestadt Aspern is especially dedicated to the future of housing.
A modularized framework concept shall give the community building NEW a sustainable frame. It can react to changes inside of the apartment, where furniture functions as room dividers and provides flexibility and quick adaptability, on each floor or inside the whole building, where only a few elements form the framework.
A prefabricated structure determents the framework - exterior wall modules, prefabricated ceiling elements and smart positioned prefabricated installation shafts where barring elements are docked on are complemented by prefabricated bath boxes. The advantages of prefabrication are flexibility, quick construction, resource efficient use of materials, high material quality and improved working conditions.
The space creating and apartment dividing elements can be positioned free around the fixed areas. This leads to various room configurations and a long lasting flexibility during the lifespan of the building. The building serves the residents as a “stage of living”.
A ribbon of balconies, which surrounds the building and enlarges at certain points, offers individual outer spaces for the apartments.

The ground floor of the community building is dedicated to purposes which do not include housing - aligned to the Südpark there are offices and ateliers, a community room facing to the courtyard, as well as rooms for garbage, bicycles and strollers.