housing Breitenfurterstraße 310

location: 1120, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2004
units: 180

building contractor: Mischek, Migra
The design links to the linaerly building in the west, but the building gets fanned to the east to break through the spatial narrowness of the neighbouring buildings and to ensure a evenly structure of the free space. Along the Breitenfurterstraße the design paints a appearance, which is respectful against the city public: the roadside building is structured into three buildings, which two "entrance parks" with tree population are interposed. Vertical development zones are upstream to the building, they build the soundproofing to the traffic ribbon and simultaneously encourage the visual contact with the public space.
Two townhouses convey between the two building typologies: they mark the ending points of the linearly building and close the trapezoidal free spaces, they connect to entrance parks in the east, sum it up to closed urban places and act as another filter to the Breitenfurterstraße.
The buildings along the Breitenfurterstraße contain apartments, which are developed through a vertical way system. It builds a soundproofing to the traffic area, a facade of transparent and translucent surfaces shields the apartments and simultaneously mantains the visual contact with the public space. The apartments are divided into, to the east orientated service zones and, to the west orientated lounge areas, which open up to the green space through generous loggias.
Two townhouses mark the accesses of the area. They connect to the entrance parks and open up to the green space in the inside of the quarters. With only two apartments on each floor, a high privacy is provided. The living areas are orientated to the west or southwest and allow spacious sightlines.
The apartments in the south-orientated bars are organized as stacked detached houses: the develpoment is done through vertically stacked "parcel ways", front yards with semi-private character border upon public ways, each"houses" assigned free space offer various opportunities for the residents, which can usually only be found in a townhouse with garden. The apartment floor plans zone into areas with different privacy and publicy character between loggia (garden) and parcel ways, which are the requirement for communication and interaction and countermeasures against the anonymity.