housing Brünnerstraße

loction: 1210, Vienna Map Pin
built: 1993
units: 93

building contractor: GSG
As a continuation of the street, a system for pedestrian circulation - an extended continuum between urban and dwelling areas - offers the necessary horizontal and vertical connection, intertwining public street life with individual unit.
A vertical landscape appears, whose path ties together dwellings, businesses, semipublic gardens, forecourt gardens, private gardens, playgrounds, community functions, and service spaces.
The layered space has multiple interpretations, changing implications.
The housing complex presents us with the fluctuating relationship among real forms and its "users".
Our ‘’architecture’’ no longer exists as such, but rather, only first comes to being through its interactive relationship with people.
Because the open structure allows every physical influence to be displayed on the outside, the dweller, though perhaps unconsciously, takes part in determining the building’s form.
The layering of spaces, whose uses are subject to reciprocal shifting, is perceived by its active users as one of constant change. The building only first really appears through this activity.
The impression of a spontaneous entity, a dedication to the moment, is supported by our architecture.