housing Cumberlandstraße

location: 1140, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2009
units: 56

building contractor: Migra + Arwag
landscape planning: EGKK
In the middle of a big garden with tree population, the shaping follows the trees and so generates an extraordinary arrangement of the apartments, which are developed as townhouses.
Le Corbusiers topic to see "the housing not only as a part of the city, but also as an urban landscape itself", as a vertically stacked building land, the building as a catalysator for the densification and stratification of the urban space, builds the output consideration to the housing.
The frame is a park with a magnificently, old tree population, which extends to the south. Declaired aim is, to adjust the building to the tree population, dare a "dancw with the trees", to preserve the character of the park: "The building weighs on the beat of the trees, nestles, recedes, it turns around."