housing Ghelengasse

Atelier in der Schönbrunnerstraße (ATS)

location: 1130, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2006
units: 41

building contractor: Arwag
The gorgeous location at the edge of the Lainzer zoo - surrounded by greenery - is continued and emphasised by generous terrace gardens.
The beyond the norm going individual and general free space offers the user versatile room, which can be compared to a townhouse, without renouncing the infrasructure and the short ways of the multi-storey housing.
By placing single houses (two or one floor) on a generous deck, a huge degree of free space emerges. Each user has his own house with garden and therefore gets the opportunity to individually design his surrounding.
This is the result of the search for a vital shape for open looking relationships, the natural terrain form, the changing of the degree of development, the optimized near distance ratio and the stacked house.