housing Itzlinger Hauptstraße

location: Salzburg Map Pin
built: 2015
units: 31

building contractor: Myslik GmbH
landscape planning: EGKK
The design tries to give clear answers to the special conditions of the site - location on a main traffic road, town entrance, park with tree population.
The possible building volume is seperated into two compact buildings, positioned between the trees and aligned to the conditions of the site - two town houses, which enter into a dialogue with eachother.
The volumes of the buildings convey in the heterogeneous surroundings: the fragmentation of the family houses in the north can be found in the splitted cubic, while the big volumes of the Goethesiedlung in the south are reflected by five floors along the Itzlinger Hauptstraße.
Only the stair case and the adjoining rooms are orientated to the main street, the apartment are orientated to the park. Within the park, "green rooms" are upstream to the apartments.