housing "Baugruppe LiSA"
Seestadt Aspern

location: 1020, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2015
units: 48, atelier building,
community island

project partner: raum+kommunikation

building contractor: LiSA, Schwarzatal
landscape planning: zwoPK

opening ceremony
For the assembly group a building, which allows diverse types of housing and possibility of utilization, was developed. A building in which the common denominator is very small, the architectural specification limit to am minimum, to offer a high degree of liberty for the users.
The building essentially consists of two parts: a compact house and an open structure.
The building itself should be based upon a simple static system, a pillar-plate system with not bearing exterior walls, where only the bearing elements and the sanitary manholes are set.
The flat sizes and cuttings should be defined by the user. Only a zone is set, which schedules a diverse stratification of privacy.
From the private free zone and living zone on the outside to a half-private, very communcative level. Inbetween there is a filter zone with kitchen, bath, storeroom...
Upstream and in distance of the simple house should be build an open structure, which takes up the development and offers space for diverse uses.
Here you can find private gardens just like communal used terraces and children play areas.
The structure can also be partially extended: offices, ateliers, common rooms would be possible.
The users should be offered as much freedom of interpretation as possible, in form of designable areas, which are located right in front of the own door.