i WUP_architektur - housing Simmeringer Hauptstraße

housing Simmeringer Hauptstraße, house 2-6

location: 1110, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2011
units: 110

project partner: atelier4architects (house 1+7)

building contractor: Neues Leben
landscape planning: DnD Anna Detzlhofer
In the northeast the property is limited by a foot path - Otto Mraz Weg - with a partially old stock of trees. Different configuered free spaces are the result of entanglement of the inner rows of houses. These free spaces are horticultural designed by a open space community centre in the middle of the property.
An integrated inner network of walkways, which leads from Simmeringer Hauptstraße to Lorystraße develops all buildings and the attached community bodys and becomes a communicative axis and sequence of the apartment complex.
Angled apartment types with staircases link with the green space.
The location of the buildings in the middle of the green space is continued and emphasized by generous terrace gardens. A light swiveling of the apartments to west-east interlocks the houses in an offset way. This readability of the single buildings in the row, builds solid angles around the apartments - quality living zones.
The far beyond the normal individual open space range provides versatile usable space for the inhabitants, which can be compared with a row house, without giving up on the infrastructure or the short ways of the multi storey residential building. The apartments itself provide an advanced level of adaptability.