i WUP_architektur - housing Sophie-Scholl-Gasse

housing Sophie-Scholl-Gasse

location: 1220, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2009
units: 34

building contractor: Heimbau
In the future, the detailed designing of settlements will not be the task of the architects anymore. In fact, providing structures where the settlements can develop on their own, will be the aim. These structures only define the frame and should build the precondition in the classic sense. The task is not to design a building for a certain person, but to apply a program onto the individual case, which is developed in advance for different solutions.
In this case, the economical handling of the building land, meaning the creation of high quality living with greatest possible individuality and privacy of the users while using a small amount of space, is an indispensable goal.
The concept includes a one and a half floored, no cellar row house type. Each house contains three separated zones: the living and sleeping module, the adjoining rooms module (installer rooms) and the courtyard module. The combination of the individual modules is possible in every form and arrangement.
The goal is to develop constructively typed, but in the floor plan individual divisible houses. An expansion by stages - from nuclear family to extended family and lodger flat - meaning a timed structuring, is part of the overall concept.