housing Wienerberg

location: 1100, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2005
units: 141

bulding contractor: Arwag
landscape planning: Auböck+Karasz
The free view across the golf place marks the living on the height of the Wienerberg. If the weather is good you can see the Schneeberg from everywhere - across green areas of one and a half square kilometer.
Four, partly five "panorama decks" are arranged one above another. Each "panorama deck" contains two-storeyed flats, like row houses, with gardens in the south and front zones in the north. Above the fourth "panorama deck" is a swimming pool.
The flexibility of the apartment arranging allows reacting to the needs of the interested persons until a far point of the building process. Different types of apartments "in a row" lead to diverse neighbourhoods. The settle of different lifestyles ("stage of living") completes the picture of the architecture.
Each resident has its own house in a "shelving system" - and has the opportunity to design the immidiate environment. This is a contribution to remove the anonymity.