housing Erlaaerplatz
"In der Wiesen"

location: 1230, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2002
units: 188
The urban planning guideline of a perimeter development around a big courtyard is interpreted through its specific direction of layers. There are shell-like zones from inside (courtyard) to outside (city), just like an onion.
The residential building is seen as a catalyst for urban living, as a layering and densification of the city. Not the building itself, but the multilayered quarter is foregrounded. The horizontal and vertical space continuum is interpreted by its residents and very versatile.
The city and its walkways are ushering into the green courtyard. The park is part of the public space, but is still for the residents. The yard is urban initial point of a semi-public space.
Walkways are leading up from the "green city level". The pergolas, which are build around the whole building, become a semi-private living zone. This "vertical neighbourhood" is provided with trees and benches and becomes a layer of communication and leisure.
The proposed type of perimeter development with courtyard is realized consistently. The central layer are the apartments, as neutral as posible and surrounded by layers from inside to outside.
Each apartment is provided with a whole-lenght pergola. This results in a seasonal "buffer-zone" for each family, but for the whole building in an outermost and extroverted layer, which gives the people the opportunity for self-portrayal.