housing Wulzendorferstraße

location: 1220, Vienna Map Pin
built: 1996
units: 51

building contractor: SEG

© photos: Mischa Erben

In this residental building, the functional living zone is accessed to the enclosed patio. All living rooms are orientated to the outside. The generous glass sliding elements let the transition, between indoor and outdoor, seem to be fluent. In front of the storey-high glazing there is placed a 60cm wide projecting balcony, on which the fabric blinds are attached. The discreetly, calm, gray fabrics build the physical border, which usually is the plaster. The plaster can only cover, but the fabric wall can cover and reveal due to its mobility.
The building starts to "breath", its inside is turned outside, the building emerges in overly to its "guts":
...the acting people on the stage of living. So the building awakens in the morning with its residents...:
The openness of the floor plans is a good foundation for different reactions to the course of events: the daily change allows the extension of the living space at day, while these living rooms can be used as sleeping rooms at night. The time change projects the daily change of the family structure. Individual rooms can be attached to or removed from the living area. The change of seasons adjusts the way of light or the float of air through the flats to the different needs.
Again, the individual position of the movable walls can build or let disappear a room.