housing Donaufelderstraße

location: 1210, Vienna Map Pin
built: 1998
units: 43

building contractor: ÖSW

© photos: Manfred Seidl

Starting from the Donaufelderstraße, a system of ways - a continuous urban ribbon from the urban area until the apartment - represents the necessary horizontal and vertical connection. A complex spatial relationship between the horizontal and vertical urban space emerges.
The public way connects all floors and apartments. A vertical landscape infiltrated by businesses, semi-private gardens, front yards, private gardens, children playgrounds, community rooms and useable space is build. Elevator and stairs expand the possibilities of movement of the pedestrians. They build shortcuts on the way and short-circuit the different levels with eachother.
The constructive system offers a largely flexibility of the apartment types and their floor plans. The apartments are accessable through individual thresholds like front yards, winter gardens, windscreens, etc. The private free spaces, terraces, gardens and winter gardens serve the climate control and enrich the living experience.
Through a use neutral floor plan a variable useable structure is build, which can and should be interpretated by the residents. The usage is not only a question of functionality, but a question of aesthetics - the rooms carry the aesthetics and character of the residents.
Therefore we see ourselves only as stimulator, provocateur, challenger and designer on this stages, where the individual self-realization in the field of living is accomplished.